Not sure if this is a “midlife” crisis or if it is just in our adventurous nature, but it seems as if the more interesting things that we experience the healthier our appetite becomes for seeing, doing, traveling, and just getting out and finding out what else life could possibly offer.


We have also noticed that by being in a work-camping environment that we have surrounded ourselves with like-minded people.

Lake Powell/Aramark has been our most lengthy seasonal employment opportunity to date, which has, so far, been extended to 7 months, which in seasonal work is quite a long assignment. However, a better environment for a long stay would be hard to find.


While we have been in this area, we have enjoyed approximately 3000 miles of off-road travel that has been the adventure of a lifetime, not to mention monsoon rains in the desert, high winds, high temperatures, camping in the desert, camping in the wilderness, trips to Vegas, trips to the Grand Canyon, and recently off to Flagstaff and Winslow.




Of course traveling with our new friends, Doug and Teresa, we have to see everything along the way as well as places off the beaten path such as Sunset Crater National Monument (volcanoes) and lava tubes, Wupatki National Monument, which is shadowed by the San Francisco Peaks and filled with ancient Indian ruins with the painted desert  serving as a backdrop.



The working part of work-camping has made it possible to perform a lot of maintenance on our house on wheels as well as our “adventure mobile”.DSCN4438

Fresh rubber all around both vehicles, new muffler and tailpipe, front u-joints for jeep, new airbag suspensions, fresh service on engine and transmission, rebuilt leveler as well as commode for the house and a nice fresh coat of wax on all of the paint. Hopefully we have covered our bases for a nice smooth trip back across the U.S. because as we mentioned in our last entry, when this gig is up we are travelling east for a season to visit with family and whoever else is interested.






In the meantime, we will continue to see what we can here until the season is over or until the government makes the decision to shut down the National Parks instead of not wasting money elsewhere, then see what adventures await us on the trail “back east”.

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