Aaahh. It feels good to be moving again. We have accepted jobs in Glen Canyon at Lake Powell in Page, AZ, so it’s another road trip to anotherDSCN8710 employment opportunity. Making our way North/West across Texas, we find a new highway back to San Antonio, then find ourselves doing something we haven’t done on this trip, which is repeating a highway. We find we have no choice but to get back on I-10 and travel 300 miles of DSCN8743highway that we have already seen. Bummer, but it leads us back to Fort Stockton where we escape the “I” and head north on 285 through Pecos, where we had to replace the steer tires on the RV, then eventually out of the great state of Texas and into “the Land of Enchantment” – New Mexico.

Following 285 brings us into Carlsbad – of the famed Carlsbad Caverns. We find a nice camp-spot in the Wal-Mart parking lot – unhook the Jeep and head for the underground national park.


Of course, the attraction here is the 715 known caves, but we are here to see the “Cavern”.127

Approaching what they call the “Natural Entrance”, we are amazed to see this giant hole in the earth that leads us on a one mile decent through the main corridor into the “Big Room” , which is 14 acres in itself.



After another one and a half mile hike 750 feet below the surface, we are glad to find the “lunch room”, and underground restaurant, and the elevator that whisks you 75 stories back to the light of day.


Now we have explored a few caves in our day, but this one is the most expansive and impressive. We highly recommend Carlsbad Caverns to anyone who is ever in this area, just as it was recommended to us by June and Ernie from Mesquite Haven in Texas.


As we travel on, we pass through Roswell, NM and are surprised to see that  it is a fairly large city.


No alien abduction, so we keep traveling and end up on historic Route 66. Just 50 miles south of Santa Fe.


A great place to get a campsite and do some exploring. We follow the Turquoise Trail (Highway 14) north and find ourselves pulling into a familiar looking town – the town of Madrid, which was the location of a lot of the movie Wild Hogs.




Nice surprise on our way to Santa Fe – which is a pretty nice town of its own. Beautiful scenery, art, landscape, homes and people.


New Mexico truly is the “Land of Enchantment”.


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