115Well, another month has come and gone, and with working so many seven-day weeks, our winter season in south Texas is flying by and coming to a close.

Thanks to the Shade Shoppe Training School, we were able to earn enough to travel on to our next adventure.

034We have to say one of the best things about being in the Rio Grande Valley has been our home life at the Mesquite Haven RV Park.

It’s a small park with only about 25 lots, but each spot is filled with the006 friendliest most down to earth people – most of whom come south in the winter to escape the frigid temperatures of Americas heartland to enjoy the tropical climate found here. At least that is the excuse they use, but we are starting to think there is more to it than that, especially listening to the folks who tell us that they have been coming back to this exact location year after year.

Maybe its the hospitality they feel from the owner, Colleen, who is just the sweetest lady you would ever want to meet or the “wild” get togethers that June and Ernie (our new grandparents) throw. If June can think of an excuse for all of us to get together in the clubhouse and enjoy a meal and fellowship you better be there … or not – she’ll let you know you are welcome to be there – or not … but ya’ better be there. We still haven’t lived down missing the funeral for June’s pet cockroach.


Anyway, from Kevin – who keeps the place running, to his crazy girlfriend Venus, to Fred and Cheryl – who organize other events, to Don and Diane – the old country musicians, to Ted and Barbara – who are actually from the North Carolina mountains, to Connie and Chuck – the avid bird watchers, to Lloyd and Bernice, to Thelma and Jay (who was in the Oklahoma City Bombing), to Judy and Roger and Gene and Sue and Karen and everyone else in Mesquite Haven – you have made our time here most enjoyable and have made us feel like family.

Working here, we have learned some new skills as well as using some we already had, so that has been interesting to say the least.


We were able to create some things for ourselves such as a screen room, windshield and tire covers as well as installing solar screens in our windows for the RV which should make us more comfortable at our next “new home”.


Speaking of traveling money …Let’s goooooo!!!!!

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