054Sometimes in life, things come down to basics. Do you trust God? Do you think if he brought you to it, he will bring you through it?DSCN8567

In our travels as work-campers, we have been more than fortunate, we have truly been blessed. We have been put in situations that we could not understand at the time only to look back and say, “hmm, that’s why that happened”.

Such is life in a big picture as well as in our immediate circumstances.

We set out over a year ago to see if it is possible to live a good life on “the road” existing on what1402 we could earn while traveling and tried to think of all of the possibilities of what could happen to us as not only asĀ nomads, but as basic human beings.

As far as work-campers go, we are comparatively young and fairly healthy – but you just never know when our earthly bodies will throw us a curve ball.

As we are working our “jobs”, in almost the southern-most tip of Texas (to avoid the cold weather that most of the rest of the country is enjoying), Tracy’s ovary throws us the curve, so after a 3:00am trip to the emergency room, a 3 day hospital stay and 2 weeks of anxious emotions of “is it cancer?”. We have a huge hospital bill, a cancer free Tracy, who is minus one ovary and still face the challenges of trying to earn our way around the country.


As we hit the official one year anniversary of leaving the relative security of our sticks and bricks home in NC and look at our entire situation – such as, sometimes working with people who aren’t exactly pleasant and sometimes exactly the opposite – we still are very content with the choice that we made to go give the work-camping lifestyle a try.

Life throws all of us curves and tests and trials, but sometimes you just have to roll with it and 1401look for the bright spots. Our bright spots include – still being relatively healthy, having the opportunity to enjoy the sights that this great country has to offer and being able to voice our thanks for the support of our family and voice thanks to our creator. He brings us to, as well as brings us through.










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