At the end of our last entry we briefly mentioned new-found friends.

As we have traveled across the US, we have met a lot of people – some great – some not so great.

Working at the national parks, we have met foreign exchange workers from all over the world as well as other work campers, college students, park rangers, career park workers and of course the locals.

We have seen some beautiful landscapes and amazing things but now feel the need to mention a few of the people we have had the pleasure of working with. From back in the Tetons, we had friends such as Gayle and Eric & Jayne who were sympathetic to the problems we were facing there and offered a lot of support. Of course we had to leave that situation, but we have maintained the friendships.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have found the people from the area, as well as the others we have met from around the country to be, not only good people, but downright fun to be around. From Danny, Mattie, Mary and Shirley – Mark’s Managers – to Nancy & Sue, Rich & Danita – who left early – to Tom – who helped with RV maintenance and makes great beef jerky – to Jonathan & Jessica, Ben (who kept us fed) & Ranger Sarah, as well as Jordan(Jolley), Chase(CHUD), Kelli and even Erin – and so many more that have made our time here unforgettable.

For most people reading our blog, the names may not mean much, but for us – these are friendships that we hope we can maintain as well.

Our employment here has officially ended as of October 5 and we are actually a little sad about travelling on, but hey, that’s the whole point in what we are doing.

Our plan is to travel directly to the Oregon coast then go meet another friend in Yachats … a friend we have never met in person. From there, it will be: follow the coast to wherever…

So far on this journey, we have enjoyed a little bit of winter in the east, spring all the way from Florida to Colorado, summer from Utah to Wyoming to Washington and now, as time waits for no one, autumn is “falling” and its time to move along.

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