One more stop on our way to Mount Rainier is the Seattle/Tacoma – Olympic Peninsula area of Washington.

We find a casino on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation in the town of Auburn that will let us camp for free for 72 hours, which buys us enough time to do a little exploring.

Seattle was first on the list so we checked it out. As far as cities go, Seattle is a beautiful one, built right on the Puget Sound with the famous Space Needle overlooking everything.

We toured the Boeing field area and checked out the museum, which had the Blue Angels in town for the annual “Seafair” celebration.

Next it was through Tacoma and up Highway 16 through Bremerton to Port Gamble. Highway 104 takes us to the world renown 101 which takes us to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge.

Out of Dungeness, we proceed to Port Angeles, where we entered Olympic National Park.

We are now pretty close to as far north and west as we can go, but are running out of time, so, we make a quick trip to Hurricane Ridge (17 miles into the park). Seems as if we have been lucky again, as the wildflowers on these magnificent mountains are in full bloom.

As I said, we were within about 70 miles or so of the farthest point north-west in the contiguous United States, but we are out of play time and must return to the motor home – get it out of the casino parking lot – and get our butts to work.

Maybe on a weekend off, we can reach the point called Cape Flattery – Neah Bay. From what we understand from the locals, it is a powerful and spectacular place and it would be a milestone on our journey that we would consider an accomplishment.

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