Once again our employment has been cut short, but this time it was by our choice. We did the math and figured out we were wearing out our “toad” vehicle with the long commute and that with the low pay and working conditions, it was best to look for other work. It has been an adventure living in this beautiful place and we are leaving with no hard feelings, just disappointment on both ends that we could not finish the season. Lucky for us, the season is still in full swing in Mount Ranier, Washington and that is exactly the direction we want to go.

So once again, we load up and head north through Yellowstone National Park and head for the west entrance. We have now seen all but one of the entrances to this park and agree that the Northeast and the West entrances are the most scenic. We never realized that West Yellowstone was an actual town and are very happy to see some civilization.

Turning right onto highway 191 brings us into the Gallatin National Forest and into Big Sky, Montana. – “Wow”. Following right beside the Gallatin River with beautiful scenes and plenty of whitewater rafters, made this drive most enjoyable.

Inevitably the scenic route brings us to the interstate and we think the nice part is over. We were wrong. Even the interstates in Montana are marked as scenic highways, and they are. Anyway, as we proceed west on I-90, we talk about how it would be nice to find some excitement somewhere, but have planned to stop for the evening in Butte, MT. As we pass by Copper Canyon Harley Davidson, we see that something big is going on. We park the motor home at Wal-mart (haven’t seen a Wal-mart in a month and a half…as well as haven’t watched TV or had phone or internet) anyway…park the house, unhook the Jeep, and off to the Harley shop. How lucky can we be? We have arrived in Butte at the very beginning of the 3 day event known as “Evel Knievel Days”. The event is kicked off with the State Motorcycle Rally and then is a celebration of daredevils of all sorts.

Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel was born and raised in Butte before becoming the worlds most famous motorcycle daredevil, so it is fitting that we have enjoyed watching backflips by BMX bicycle riders, as well as dirt bikes – right in uptown Butte – there was a lady shot out of a cannon (which we missed), but did get to watch the “World famous Rick Wallenda” do a tight rope walk high above the city street (no safety harness or catch net). The motorcycle “wall of death” and stunt riders as well as Super Moto and street bike freestyle are on the menu too. Anyway, after working a very tough month and a half, and living in the wilderness, a couple of days of excitement was just what we needed.





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