Some places, in this great country of ours, justify two blog entries and Moab, Utah is definitely one of them.

In our last entry, we talked about a back road (called Shafer Canyon) into Canyonlands National Park, but are not sure we did justice in describing our experience in this mecca of 4×4 bliss.

How do you describe bumbling into non-celebrated trails that lead you to a place like Willow Flats which is a trail out of Arches National Park that has some very challenging rock crawls as well as natural stone arches that are not on the brochures. How do you describe Gemini Bridges, where if you were on the old trail, you could very easily drive right off of a 250 foot cliff, falling right between the natural bridges. Not sure how to describe driving across a desert to a small mountain in the middle of nowhere, only to get to the other side to find dinosaur tracks that are only accessible to the truly adventurous.

How do you describe being miles and miles from civilization in a jeep with well over 200,000 miles on it, only having each other and your wits to rely on to get you “home”.

Not sure how to put into words how cool it is to go past the potash plant on Potash Road and see movie actors portraying this place as a crash site on another planet. We describe it as “Our Adventure In RVing”.

The ever-changing scenery and terrain is amazing, but after being here for three days, we realize that with every passing minute the temperature is getting hotter and hotter, and there are a lot of places north of here that we want to see. So we hook the Jeep to the “house”, and head out.

“Where do ya wanna go?”


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