Leaving Colorado springs was bitter-sweet, but we are leaving with our heads held high and anxious to see what life has in store for us next. We are not without direction and know that we want to continue west.

We have heard truckers horror stories about Vail Pass but figure – what the heck, you only live once – so across I-70 we go. Straight up the Rockies past Rocky Mountain National Park and through the Eisenhower Tunnel, by-passing Loveland Pass, then down the dreaded Vail Pass right into the Keystone/Arapahoe Basin area. Woo hoo – we made it!

The trip through Glenwood Canyon was impossible to describe. This has got to be one of the coolest stretches of road on earth.

Eventually I-70 leads us out of Colorado and into what seems to be a whole different planet –

The state of Utah.

As we detour off the interstate onto highway 128, it was time to find a place to camp for the night.

Through the beautiful canyon on the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric byway led us to the Colorado Riverway Recreation Area and the bureau of land management campground called Goose Island Recreation Area – 12 bucks a night.

Wow, what a place to camp.

One and a half miles from Moab and right across the Colorado River from Arches National Park, not to mention about a 16 mile 4×4 trail into the back entrance of Canyonland National Park where we saw petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks, and a movie set for a new Will Smith movie being filmed for release in 2013.

Our one night of camping turned into 3 nights as we just couldn’t talk ourselves into leaving this peaceful yet exciting area.

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