All good things must come to an end and so does our employment at Garden of the Gods Campground. Looking back, we are not so sure it was good anyway. The management team seems to be in the market for mindless drones who will always answer “yes”.

We worked hard to get the campground up and running for Memorial Day and the coming summer season and as soon as the campers started to fill the park we were told we were not working out. We wish they had been honest and told us they only wanted maintenance help for the hard stuff, but that is just the way some folks are. Management said they saw us, of all things, speaking to a guest, so that meant we weren’t team players??!???!! Anyway, you would think we would be bitter, but actually, it’s the best thing. We wanted to go west and north, and working through October would have made that tough. So, the early release has played right into our hands.

We spent the last 24 hours in the campground taking advantage of a coupon that we had that treated “employees in the tourism industry” to some pretty nice freebies in the area. First, we got our free meal from the cook at the campground (which really rubbed management the wrong way)so they demanded the dark blue denim uniform shirts back, which we gladly relinquished – sweat and all.

Anyway, next we enjoyed an all expenses paid trip to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, which is a sort of compact version of Mesa Verde.








Then off to The Cave of the Winds, which is the second largest cave system in Colorado. We thought it was neat because we had enjoyed the beauty of the mountains from the outside, then got to see one from the inside.








Next was the Ghost Town Old West Museum which had an authentic western town feel.


With our contractually bound 24 hours to leave the premises, after we had the audacity to stop for 5 minutes to talk to a guest, it was time to gather our things and leave the campground. So, without even being told “C’ya” by anyone except the housekeeping crew (who were in tears) it was out the gate, and off to our next adventure. But not before, on the way out-of-town, the last thing on the coupon that we wanted to do, was the chuckwagon dinner at the Flying W Ranch.  Mmm Mmm Good!








We really hope that our next campground job is more enjoyable, because if it’s not, maybe we have to find other things to do. It’s a big country and we are not without skills. Maybe the next one will prove to be more rewarding. It couldn’t possibly be more discouraging or stressful than working with micromanagers who are looking to manipulate job scared employees.

“Get your motor runnin’

head out on the highway

lookin’ for adventure

in whatever comes our way…”

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