After a great 19 days and 800 miles in the great state of Texas, its time to be moving on, but not without a short stop off in Amarillo. Amarillo is home to the Big Texan Steak Ranch which offers a free 72 oz steak dinner if you can eat it all in 60 minutes. After looking it over and considering it, we opted to split the 21 ouncer. We took the free limo from the beautiful Amarillo Ranch Campground to the steakhouse and thoroughly enjoyed the meal and atmosphere. It is our understanding that it used to be located on the historic route 66 but was moved to its new location right off of I-40.

Knowing that we were that close to Route 66, of course we had to go travel as much of it we could, so the next morning we struck out in the jeep and traveled approximately 5 miles of what is left of it in the area.

Tracy wanted to find the giant pair of legs that we have seen in magazines, and Mark has always wanted to see the Cadillac Ranch, so the hunt was on. We were successful, but still looking for new sights to see.

Someone had told us of Palo Duro Canyon State Park just south of Amarillo, so we decided to go see. We are so glad we made the trip! Unlike the Grand Canyon, where you can drive around the rim and look down, the Palo Duro Canyon is all about the 16 mile road(with 6 water crossings) which takes you through the bottom of the canyon and forces you to look up.

Going “topless” in the jeep made for perfect views of canyon walls and wildlife.

It was surprising to us that we had never heard that Texas had a “Grand Canyon” of its own.




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