Since we last spoke, we have left Daytona Beach and thought we would be heading due west, but after an invitation to a birthday party, we headed south to Bartow, FL(Orlando, Tampa area).

In other words, we got to meet Lexi for the first time in person (we have talked on Skype before). It was her two-year birthday. Lexi is our oldest daughter Daffney’s, boyfriend’s daughter. She is adorable. She calls us Mawmaw and Pawpaw also.

Of course, as an added bonus, we got to spend more time with Daffney, Matt and two of our grandsons, Jason(JT) and Camron. We also got to meet a lot of Matt’s family. This included his Grandparents who are also RVers. We are hoping to see a lot more of all of them.

Anyway, the pull of the open road and campground reservations in Mexico Beach, FL(on the panhandle) made our visit short but sweet, it was a very nice time.

On the trip to Mexico Beach, we enjoyed the scenic highway 98 which skirts the shores of the Gulf of mexico.

“On your left, is the Gulf of Mexico, On your right, is the rest of America”

This is a very nice drive that we would highly recommend, as is the Rustic Sands Resort. We will keep these in our favorites. The bonus of Mexico Beach was that it was only 25 miles from Panama City Beach where they were having spring break. Wow, 2 spring breaks in one spring is pretty cool. Panama City Beach does it better than Daytona in our opinion.

After three days in Mexico Beach, we continued west and enjoyed more scenic drives along the coast, which eventually led us through Alabama, Mississippi, and into Louisiana. We crossed lake Pontchartrain into New Orleans, then went south which put us on highway 90. This took us across the Mississippi river and into the bayou. We had a Cajun lunch at Boudreau & Thibodeau’s in Houma, which is only a few miles from where the History channel’s TV show “Swamp People” about alligator hunting is filmed.       “Chootem”

After a night in Wal-Mart in a town called Avery(where Tabasco sauce is apparently made), it was off to Rayne, LA for our first RV rally. Rayne prides itself as the frog capital of the world, but the only ones we have seen are on signs.

The rally we attended is done by Passport America, which is a camping club that gets you big discounts at campgrounds nationwide. Our membership was a Christmas gift from Tracy’s parents and it is the gift that keeps on giving. We volunteered at the rally so they refunded half our fees to attend. Our main job was to ride on a golf cart and show fellow RVers where to park. We parked 130 of them. We have met a lot of really nice, like-minded people who are making sure to live life and not to just exist.

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