What a surprise! Daffney (our oldest daughter) and Matt(her boyfriend)  brought our two grandsons up Wednesday evening. We kept JT and Camron until Sunday.

We took the kids down to Daytona Beach, then took a picnic lunch over to the speedway to watch the race cars. They are such a joy!

On Friday, we took the kids back to the beach. This time, we took a picnic lunch and spent all day. Saturday we all decided to hang out together at the motor home. We played catch, rode the scooter, JT actually braved the pool. What a wonderful weekend with the boys.

Sunday, we took all day to take them home. After we dropped them off with their Mom and visiting with her, we drove to Davenport, FL. Jen and Wayne invited us to come see the Superbowl with them and spend the night. They have a nice place in a small community. We’ve enjoyed our time staying with them. They took us to a HUGE flea market in Webster. I’ve never seen one that big.

As of now, we are still hanging out at Jen and Wayne’s house. We’re making plans for the trip. We accepted a job in Colorado working at Garden of the Gods campground for the summer. Its gonna be a cool trip.