OK, so we have our first job, check. We’ve packed the house up and moved the majority into storage, check. Tracy has given notice at work, check.  What are we forgetting?

Mark now has the radiator out of the coach. It needed replacing. After 25 years, it was amazing the coach was still running. Now in two weeks, he has to get the new one in (it has to be shipped here first), he’s replacing all belts and hoses and the water pump while he’s at it. Then get it all put back together so we can make it to Daytona, FL by the 25th.  Talk about last-minute.  We’d rather do it here than on the road. We would hate to be broke down out in the middle of nowhereville.

We’ve had the dream to travel in the RV for years. We always said we would do it. Now we get to find out whether we really can.