We’ve been RVers since Mark bought a $200 used slide-in truck camper for the family for Christmas in 1990.  Much like our biker lifestyle, RVing is in our blood.  We enjoyed the slide-in with our daughters until we purchased “THE BUS” in 1997.  To explain “THE BUS” is easier said than done. We will include pictures to show that in our opinion, and many others, it is the nicest, coolest school bus conversion ever.  Anyway, after many wonderful and memorable trips with our children, and sometimes without, it was time to upgrade from “THE BUS”.  Now to us, as just your average working joes, an upgrade meant going from a 1971 Chevrolet school bus to a 1986 Diesel Pusher 40′ Foretravel Grand Villa.  To us, even the nicest most modern of RVs has nothing on the character and comfort of our “new” home.


To make a long story short, time waits for no one and before we knew it, we were empty nesters, grandparents, and “new” RV owners.  All this at 47 years of age….too young to retire, too old and ornery to just sit around and watch life go by.

So away we go…

Our "New" Home